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    Here depicted into perspective, and since the Josephine’s are in a huge (15 square mile) gold field, is it feasible that inexpensive mobile mills and smelters (horse drawn) can be transported to transfer the free gold to bars: Thus, in low cost compliance with regulations on public lands. The lease (examine it) is calculated to avoid big mining entanglements by replacing them with a pool of funding, skills, and participation by several co-leases on the same mining site: Skillfully compatible with each other’s wants and desires. Dividing the profit depending on what each owner brings to the table (after precious metals are found) as a structured equitable Joint-venture agreement. For now, our Lease (read carefully) is available for signature on a designated pilot mine. In lease's amendment section an alternative choice is granted; when physical inspection of all sites are available, you are entitled to an exchange right.




    Josephina de la Martinique Mining Company has a GPS Google Earth Image identifying 55 potential lease opportunities on 100 acres of direct claims and 500 acres of contiguity claims. 

    As in a series of ancient Josephine mines, the first one substantiated for your consideration, was discovered and mined in 1898 by William Bird, as reported in the Salt Lake Herald-Republican. The Bird mine, as chronicled, claimed an assay of 250 ounces of gold per ton, or $370,000.00 dollars a ton at present gold prices, and the Josephine cache mine, smelting a billion dollars of gold bullion.  Jesuit Priests reported the fabulous wealth but all was then abandoned when hostiles massacred the miners. Bird’s mine, from a map, drawn by a Jesuit priest, and a charted Waybill, written by one Jose Juaquin Garcia, in 1814, aided  in identifying Bird’s mine, cache Josephine and many others, on the eastern slope of Hoyt’s Peak, Utah.  The cache mine near, “To the mouth of the mine some small stones and timber coverage at the base of a small dark ledge” and was 1600 Varas (4280feet) North/East from the peak. 

    Can we, with a moderate mining budget, mine gold  like the Spaniards, proving the wealthiest gold mines in history, are at Hoyt’s epithermal vent zone, and incredibly just a walk away, down to the gold crop zone, at the end of a seven hundred foot deep tunnel? As San Jose Pueblo’s miners did in 1842, carrying back bags of pure gold nuggets.  Now no hostiles, tax, royalties or predatory big mine Company sharks. The Spanish did in 1722, ending in 1814; Pueblo with four mining teams in 1842 and new evidence, their ancestors are still mining the same sites now!!

     Unbelievable I supposed, but because of my research seminars, and two months on the Hoyt, several mines have underground surveys. Most will be like the cave/shaft I have mined for crystals, I renamed “Pueblo’s mine,” some with tailing, the shaft, with none, because it has a cavernous subterranean and easy access from surface. Subterranean Pueblo’s shaft is the background for this website. This mine has interlocking caverns everywhere with navigable passageways, like most mines, with the potential to harvest a crop of silver and gold, in a catastrophic low sulfidation epithermal vent zone. Uncover cave mines that will run for miles of limestone corridors with a minimal cost for safely clearing of the passageway, as we did in the Pueblo Shaft. Evidence of high-grade gold ore is apparent at most sites in the form of a stash, left for immediate smelting while revisited mines are cleared. 

     Pueblo repeated the Spanish mining law, “Seal the tunnels on all producing mines.”  All are sealed in this area, so are all with mine-able gold?  Marshal Kimball’s sworn statement, when in custody of Pueblo; you can read for yourself. Bird found two dead slaves after removing the stone seal, proof of the mines importance. More significant testimony, Garcia writes, “We encountered slabs of virgin silver at 150 Varas” (450 feet). There silver, then Pueblo’s gold at 700 feet? These Captain’s separate precious metals encounters, in two mines in the same area are classic circumstances reported in geophysical journals, as with the certainty of metamorphic formed precious metals. Present Host rock at the sites, are lime stone, calcite, and white or red quartz as sure indicators of the presence of precious metals. Original newspaper publications by request. View potential mines already scanned, identifying precious metals and tunnels, using the most advanced subsurface scanning equipment. Every potential mine scanned thus far has identified precious metals and tunnels. The lease agreement entitles you to belong to a co-op mining team at Hoyt's Peak, Utah, to eliminate the pitfalls inherent with involving big mining companies.


Forensic evidence: Pueblo Mine




 Forensic evidence: Pueblo Shaft



Leading to 5 recently mined Spanish mines


Forensic Evidence: probing opened mine



 Forensic Evidence: recently mined/smelting, precious metals at 5 mine site





Forensic Evidence: white quartz on limestone at Bird mine tailings


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