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Spanish Waybill 


    Waybill - Year 1722 - 1814. This Waybill pertains to the Mine of the Yutas: called later the Josephine de Martinique, (for) the Empress. This Mine may be found, West twelve leagues of the river Timpanogos headwaters and two leagues from the mouth of the River Santa Anna to the Southeast - travel one league to the south through land of valley grass to a canyon which enters the valley from the East. Follow this canyon East to a peak round and bare of growth, and from the peak measure 1600 varas to the North East. [at] The Entrance of the Mine there are some small rocks and timber coverage at the base of a small dark ledge.

    The Mine of the Josephine de Martinique has 3 tunnels and 1 shaft- - two tunnels of 400 (varas) run to the West and one tunnel of 350 varas runs to the South-East.

    Tunnels and shaft to be one mine. The shaft runs 73 varas vertical and has four rooms and six tunnels. These rooms served as workrooms for the transfer of the mineral silver and gold. Twenty nine varas apart to the Sun in midday are the rooms. The percent of metal is yellow metal which is half of silver and one-fifth part of gold there at one hundred and fifty varas. In this Mine we encountered the slabs of virgin silver from one pound up to five pounds.

    At this place in the mine there is the cache of our comrades - 46 varas from the entrance of the Mine in the center of the tunnel, and 8 varas beyond one door of thick wood there is the cache: there are many slabs of virgin silver and 650 cargoes of bar silver and 240 cargoes of bar gold that are 6 millions. The cache abandoned for fear of death by hostile natives - Of 42 comrades 8 survived.


    The Mine we worked (from) Year 1782 and covered in 1814, as so marked in the book of the work of the expedition by me = Jose Joaquin Garcia, Captain - Mexico City, November (of the) Year 1814.


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